The Social Secretary


Chinedu Abonyi has been the Social Secretary to the African German Association since February 2023.  He takes care of the digital media strategy of the organization and ensures it represents a stable and successful brand.

He was driven to join the association by the need to promote social justice and make an impact through the selflessness with which AGA works. Being a member of AGA, he ventured more into total commitment to the organization’s motive which in turn yielded him growth, networking, collaboration, social impact, and ultimately, fulfillment.

He values respect, collaboration, integrity and excellence in achieving good leadership. His values and doggedness made things excellent during the creation of the digital media strategy roadmap, the alignment of an internal team, and the implementation of this strategy.

Aside the work life, Chinedu enjoys reading, playing video games, gymnastics, and soccer. He also picks an interest in technology and artificial intelligence.

In his words, “My journey as an executive at AGA has been an enriching experience. It has provided me with the opportunity to combine my expertise in digital media and branding with my passion for social impact.”

Chinedu features professionally in Project management, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, and Advertising Technology.

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