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The African German Association (AGA)

The African German Association (AGA) was founded in 2020 to promote International attitudes and understanding among African nationalities and families.

We are out to cultivate African songs while promoting international choir and harnessing the goodness of African cuisines in a way to retain the uniqueness of the African cultural heritage in the minds of Africans in Germany.

You can make a feast off our classic festivals and events that empower the African community in Germany to be able to participate fully in the social exploration of Africa.

Still on the trail, AGA spotted the challenges involved in finding a foot after migration and came on to place ease. Matching up with authority demands, bridging language barriers, and blending with the new system are challenges we once faced.

We choose to leave the road better than we met it to ease other Africans from this strain. AGA works to volunteer social, political, and economic assistance to other African migrants, availing them of the support they need until they find their feet in Germany.

Refugees and the less privileged are not left out in our quest. We give financial aid and support to those within and outside Germany both directly and through other nonprofit organizations with similar interests as AGA.

AGA has partnered with many organizations and individuals to make services more accessible and available to the African community that has experienced less than premium service.

We are selfless.

We are disciplined.

We are compassionate.

Just before you go, learn it all, we won’t fail to recognize the set of amazing personalities that has been our guide and helped us come this far.


Our mission is to preserve and celebrate the rich African cultural heritage in Germany. We strive to empower the African community in Germany, providing support, social exploration, and assistance to migrants, refugees, and the less privileged, ensuring they find their feet and thrive in their new home.


AGA envisions a harmonious and inclusive society in Germany, where African cultural heritage is cherished, and individuals from diverse backgrounds unite in understanding and cooperation.


We aim to be a leading force in fostering a sense of belonging and providing vital support to African migrants, refugees, and the less privileged, enabling them to fully integrate into their new environment and reach theirĀ fullĀ potential.

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