The President


Mr. Harry, motivated by the social and domestic vision of AGA joined the association since its inception in 2020 and became the prestigious president of this organization.

He was the founder and former president of the Ika Union, Berlin.

He was also the founder and former president of Old Burger Association Berlin. He retired from the Nigerian Police and has been living in Berlin since 1994.

To him, good leadership portrays patience, communication, listening, discretion, and non-biased judgments.

As a nobleman, he is out to ensure unity among members of AGA and avoid distractions from the organization’s primary objectives.

He has shown this through his active participation in the completion of a drainage project in Ohriohwon LGA of Edo-State courtesy of AGA.

His professionalism in Business management has made him an exceptional president of the organization.

Harry loves reading and playing table tennis outside work time.

His goal is a better African community here in the diaspora, and to ensure AGA becomes competitive with every other country’s communities.

We can’t skip the relevance of our esteemed members.

The endless support, contribution, and insights that propel us to excellence as an exceptional organization come from these exclusive and distinguished members.

The endorsements and guide keep us moving. You too can be part of us!

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